sister planet

Mother Earth has a Sister


Our scientists have discovered a planet almost identical to our own planet. It appears to have an atmosphere like ours it is covered with water, land and vegetation of several kinds. The scientists have sent drones and land rovers to the planet to do tests on the planet and take pictures of different areas; we are starting to receive some results of the tests and images are being sent back at this writing, it looks very promising.





Before we decide if we are going to inhabit this new planet we as human beings need to do some serious planning.



In my opinion the government for this new land would be fashioned after the best government in our world the Republic we live in the United States of America. In our government the people have a say in how our government is run by way of voting for our representatives to Congress and for our President. The only difference I would make is that Congress would have term limits like the President.


Our government is divided into three seperate branches for a reason, to have checks and balances and no one entity can control all facets of our government. The Executive Branch (President) is sworn make sure the laws the Legislative Branch (Congress) make are enforced and the Judicial Branch (Supreme Court) is to make sure the laws are written in accordance with the Constitution of our country.


From the tests the land rovers have preformed, it looks as if this planet is rich in mineral and energy resources but we may do serious damage to the environment if we try to harvest them.

solar power



Are we willing to put the environment in grave danger for future generations just to harvest these resources or are we willing to explore new ways to satisfy our thirst for energy without harming the environment?


Personally I enjoy the luxuries and conveniences of modern day living. I really like having hot and cold running water, having electricity for lighting, gas furnaces and air-conditioning for my home and I love driving my car and motorcycle so I think I will stay right here on other Earth where I can have it both ways. We are not prefect yet but we are working at it. I feel these weather changes we are experiencing now are just Mother Nature going thru her natural cyclecourse of evelution. If you are old enought you will remember back in the 70's the scientest told us we were going thru global cooling and we were going to go thru another ice age. Who knows maybe some day another large meteor may hit the earth and we humans will go the way of the Dinosaur.

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