My Life in a Nut Shell
when event occurred What was the event
25-April-1949 my birthday
August 1954 first day of school Kindergarden Mason City, Iowa
August 1963 first year of high school Newman High School Mason City, Iowa
22-November-1963 President John F. Kennedy Killed
April 1967 enlisted in Marine Corps
May 1967 Graduated from East High School Des Moines, Iowa
13-July-1967 left for Marine Bootcamp
1-November-1967 came home on boot leave
20-November-1967 returned to Marine Corps about to leave for Vietnam
December 1967 arrived in Vietnam reported to Hotel 2/7 1st Marine Division
13-July 1968 wounded for first time minor wound
20-November-1968 wounded for 2nd time ended my career in Marine Corps
11-October-1969 Discharged from Great Lakes Navel Hospital and Marine Corps
June 1970 Married my first wife
24-December-1972 Birth of my daughter Angela Noel Moorehead
1976 Divorced first wife
26-January-1980 Married Doralyn Rae Ricke
13-November-1982 Birth of our son Thomas Ricke Moorehead
30-March-1984 Birth of our son Clark Alan Moorhead
25-September-1987 Birth of our daughter Michelle Rae Moorehead
June 2001 Thomas Graduated from Woodward Granger High School
11-September-2001 United States was Attacked by Muslim Extremist
June 2002 Clark Graduated from Woodward Granger High School
June 2006 Michelle Graduated from Woodward Granger High School
May-2006 Clark Graduated from Drake University
May-2008 Thomas Graduated from University of Dubuque
May-2010 Michelle Graduated from Coe Collage
31-December-2015 I retired from the US Postal Service with 36+ years Government Service
11-January-2016 Returned to school at DMACC for Web Development