CSS Features

When creating the Midwest Division Marine Corps League website I used several of the css3 features first off I created my header image in photo shop because I was unable to do what I wanted in the HTML. I wanted to put the Marine Corps League logo on one side and the Midwest Division logo on the other side of the Lettering Midwest Division Marine Corps league. I was told that HTML would not allow me to put the lettering between the two logos.

Next I created a container with 4 radius corners and a drop box shadow for the container which holds the image. Next I created a wrapper with 4 radius corners and a drop box shadow for the body of the page. My nav bar is inside and on top of my wrapper the upper corners have radiuses, and my footer also inside the wrapper at the bottom with the two lower corners having radiuses. I used a text shadow for my h1, h2, and h3 headings.

On the main page I used a liquid 2 column layout because I only needed one column to list the Division Officers. The other column I used for a picture of the Division Commandant and his Assistant. I made a table for their titles, names, address, phone, number, and e-mail address. Below that I put in the information for our upcoming Division Conference.

On the Department pages I used a 3 column liquid layout. I needed three columns for the Department Officers and for the different Detachment contact points within the Department. The main part of the page is in the center and will be used for Pictures, and any information the Department Commandant my want to put out to his Detachments.

On each page there are links to e-mail for the officers or contact points, links to any department or detachment websites that they may have on the web and a link to our National Headquarters on the home page.

Link to class room webpages Midwest